“May he give us priests enamored of the Gospel, close to all their brothers and sisters, living signs of God’s merciful love.”

-Pope Francis

Pope Francis said in his letter for the 2017 World Day of Prayer for Vocations, “As disciples, we do not receive the gifts of God’s love for our personal consolation, nor are we called to promote ourselves…We are simply men and women touched and transformed by the joy of God’s love, who cannot keep this experience to ourselves…I ask parish communities, associations, and the many prayer groups present, not to yield to discouragement but to continue praying that the Lord will send workers into his harvest.”


Vocation (from the Latin vocare, meaning “to call” ) typical refers to those aspiring to become priests.  A more definitive Catholic understanding of vocations also includes those who choose to live a single life, those who seek marriage, and those who respond to the call of a consecrated life as a sister or monk or as an ordained priest.  As Pope Francis put it, it is men and women so touched and transformed by the joy of God’s love, they must become missionaries and disciples to share their experiences with others.


The first step is prayer.  Parents can pray for their children to discern a vocation.  Prayers for vocations can be offered during a rosary.  You can pray a prayer of vocations at each and every mass that God would call someone from your parish.  We can pray with our families at mealtime.  We can even pledge to pray on an international level by visiting the the website invisiblemonastery.com and choosing the Diocese of Albany, then pledge when you will pray.

Another step is Eucharistic Adoration.  If you are discerning a vocation into Holy Orders or any vocation, praying before the Blessed Sacrament brings Jesus close to you and your discernment.  We are blessed to offer 24/7 Eucharistic Adoration at St. Augustine’s Church in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel.  If you would like more information on Eucharistic Adoration you can click here. 

Have a conversation about the consecrated life.  Sometimes we know someone in our parish that we think would be perfect in a vocation, but they are either discerning and unsure or have never thought about it.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit wants to use our kindness to offer a stepping stone on the path of a journey to vocations.  Don’t be afraid to tell that young man he may make a great priest or that young women to look into a consecrated life as a sister.  It may be your suggestion that plants a seed that will ripen into a discipleship for Jesus.

Talk to a priest.  If you feel you are being called to be a priest, be not afraid!  Pray daily, seek the sacraments, and talk to a priest.

In our Albany Diocese you can contact Fr. Anthony F. Ligato, Vicar of Vocations at (518) 453-6690 or anthony.ligato@rcda.org.

 Office of Vocations – 40 North Main Avenue – Albany, NY 12203

Vocations Through the Albany Diocese

Our Augustinian Friars have been serving our parish and this area for 150 years.  If you are interested in becoming an Augustinian please contact Fr. Tom McCarthy, O.S.A. Eastern / Midwest / Canadian Provinces at (610) 519-4674

Vocations Office – 800 E. Lancaster Avenue – Villanova, PA 19085

Vocations Through the Augustinian Order


A Prayer with the Blessed Virgin’s Intercession

Hail Mary, full of grace;
all generations call you blessed.
Hail Mother of God; when asked by the angel
to bear the Son of the Most High,
filled with faith, you responded:
“Let it be done unto me.”

Holy Mother of Jesus, at the wedding feast at Cana,
you prompted your Son to perform his first sign.

Be with us as we discern our life’s work
and guide us in the way we are called to follow
in the footsteps of your Son.

Holy Mother of the Savior, at the foot of the cross
you mourned the death of your only Son.

Bless and embrace the loving parents of all priests,
deacons, brothers and sisters.

Holy Mother of the Good Shepherd,
turn your motherly care to this nation.

Intercede for us to the Lord of the harvest
to send more laborers to the harvest
in this land dedicated to your honor.

Queen of Peace, Mirror of Justice, Health of the Sick,
inspire vocations in our time.

Let the word of your Son be made flesh anew
in the lives of persons anxious to proclaim
the good news of everlasting life.

A Prayer for Discernment

O Lord, help me know your will for me
Let your light shine in the depths of my heart
that I may know what you want me to do with my life.
Help me believe that you have a special plan for me.

Lord, I know I pass through this life only once;
help me decide how you want
me to make a difference.

Like our Blessed Mother, give me
the wisdom to hear your voice
and the courage to answer
your call.

Above all give me peace
of mind and heart.
I offer this prayer in the name of
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer for Augustinian Vocations

Let us pray to the Lord of the Harvest,
who calls men and women to loving

All glory and praise are yours,
God of truth, light of our hearts,
For you guide your people in the
ways of holiness.

Help those who follow in
the footsteps of Augustine
To seek you through mutual love
and worship
And to be servants of your Church
as examples that others may follow.

Enlighten men and women to see the
beauty of common life
In the spirit of St. Augustine and
strengthen them in your service, so that
the work you have begun in them may
be brought to fulfillment.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord

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