This ministry supports caregivers living with persons who have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other memory loss.  Volunteers assist through direct non-medical care and companionship.  Training and continued support for the volunteers are provided by the staff at Eddy’s Alzheimer’s Services.


It all began about a decade ago, when a group of Saint Augustine’s parishioners saw a need in our community and came together to help. The result was and is our Respite Ministry. It may be some companionship time that can offer relief for a caregiver so that they can get to the store, or get a haircut. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling ministry for those who’ve been engaged in it. And we are in need of more participants. Each team receives training and support. This support is linked to the Eddy Alzheimer’s Services Center, please contact Sandy Monahan 518-238-4167 or .  The Eddy is proud to partner with our team at St. Augustine’s, providing a monthly team update and training. Those who benefit from the work of our team have been our own parishioners.

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