Confession is available in the Confessional/Reconciliation Room from 3:00 pm until 3:45 pm every Saturday afternoon.  Confession is also available any time by appointment just contact our parish offices.

“Whoever confesses his sins . . . is already working with God . . . When you begin to abhor what you have made, it is then that your good works are beginning, since you are accusing yourself of your evil works. The beginning of good works is the confession of evil works. You do the truth and come to the light.”

St. Augustine – referenced in CCC Paragraph 1458

First Penance (First Reconciliation)

REL-Ed1revcropStudents preparing for the sacrament of First Holy Communion need to receive the Sacrament of Penance for the first time.  Each Communion class receives their Sacrament of Penance during the formal instruction year for First Holy Communion after having attended one full year of formal religious instruction.  This usually occurs in Second Grade but the Sacraments can be administered to older children as well as adults. To enroll contact the Coordinator of Religious Education, Cindy Brisson (518) 237-8043.

Printable Registration Forms

If you are an adult who has not received all of their sacraments and is interested in receiving them please contact the Coordinator of Religious Education, Cindy Brisson at (518)237-8043 for information about RCIA.


Cindy Brisson, (518) 237-8043

Coordinator of Religious Education