Members of the Parish Finance Council assist and advise the pastor with respect to the supervision of all material goods belonging to the parish.  The council oversees budgeting and reporting as required by canon law.  Each member is well versed in financial matters and many are accountants or work in related fields.


This council reviews existing services and programs, studies best practices, and implements activities designed to enhance parish life and to guide the Pastor of St. Augustine’s into the future.  A Parish Pastoral Council is required by diocesan statute.

Activities in Recent Years that the Parish Pastoral Council has acchieved:

A Conference on Catholic Life in which Scott Hahn, celebrated Catholic apologist and author, came to speak.

St. Augustine’s 150th & 170th Anniversary where many materials and events took place including a new history book for purchase at the rectory.

St. Patrick’s Mass a yearly celebration on the Sunday after or before the week of St. Patrick’s Day.  This devotion began not only to connect with our Irish roots of this area, but also to connect with the St. Patrick’s Church in Troy that had been closed in recent years.  This Mass usually consists of Irish Dancers during the procession, the color guard from the local Knights of Columbus, Bagpipers, Irish Hymns and hospitality after in St. Rita’s Room, Lower Church.

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St. Anne Novena a yearly celebration in July taken from the St. Anne De Beaupre a devotional that was previously held at the now closed St. Mary’s Church in Troy.  It is a well served and a well attended event that upholds not only a long standing devotional for this area but also a beautiful celebration of the Feast of St. Anne.

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