A Journey up the Bell Tower

St. Augustine's Church Troy, NY

The journey begins in the choir loft through a small door to the in workings of our pipe organ.  Up a small ladder through a small hatch…

The hatch opens to a larger open room and another tall staircase to climb.

St. Augustine’s Bell Tower

Our bell tower has been the topic of conversation for a  little over a year mainly because of the decision to contract the church’s tower to a cell phone company for an extended period of use.  With this contract came the attachment of well camouflaged cell tower transmitters, but also the discovery that our tower was in need of some repair.  After some time searching for a reliable masonry company we are pleased to say that the tower is repaired and all is in working order.  Andy Nelson had made the climb up the bell tower in earlier nicer weather and has documented the journey.

The journey upward is a high journey…More photos of the Bell tower