Re-Igniting Our Faith

Church Re-Igniting Our Faith

Re-Igniting Our Faith is a $45 million diocesan-wide campaign that will ensure the strategic vitality of our parish and key universal ministries and programs. It is our opportunity to address the ongoing temporal and pastoral needs of St. Augustine’s Church while empowering us to become a more dynamic community of faith.

Seventy percent of the funds raised will be distributed back to our Parish to strengthen our Christian faith, share the joy of the Gospel, and hand on to future generations the beauty of our Church.

Over the course of the last two weekends, Fr. Kelley along with members of the Parish Finance Committee spoke at Mass explaining the purpose of Re-Igniting Our Faith in greater detail and highlighting the projects we will undertake at St. Augustine’s. Many needs have been identified and with your help, come to fruition.

Re-Igniting Our Faith literature was mailed and In-pew Campaign Commitment Forms have been placed in the Church. If you have not received the mailed information, please call the Parish Office at 518 235-3861 to update the address on file.

After reading the St. Augustine’s Re-Igniting Our Faith literature, please let us know if you  have questions.

Re-Igniting Our Faith Logo

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