Religious Education to Start this Month!


Classes for our Religious Education will begin Thursday, September 27, 2018

All classes will be held in:

St. Rita’s Room,
Lower Church

The calendars are available on this website and are updated here. A registration parent letter has been mailed to returning students if you did not receive one and should have please update your parish information and contact Cindy Brisson.
Registration forms are also available here:


Print the form out and send it to:

Cindy Brisson
C/O St. Augustine’s Church
25 115th Street
Troy, NY 12182

The cost for classes is the following:

  • $45 for one child
  • $65 for two children
  • $85 for three or more

Be advised there is an extra $20 fee for each Confirmation Student



For more information please visit our Religious Education Program page or if you are an adult seeking to receive your Sacraments visit our RCIA page or contact our Coordinator for Religious Education.  If you have any questions you can contact our Coordinator for Religious Education, Cindy Brisson at (518) 237-8043.


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