The Bishop’s Appeal 2017

As a Parish, our First Report for this year’s Bishop’s Appeal is substantial and we thank you.  Out of  103 gifts received at the Masses on Sunday, May 7th our total is $22,846. We are 45 % home toward accomplishing our fair share goal of $50,605!

UPDATE – Week 2 – An additional 26 responses have been received bringing our current participation to 129 and pledges and gifts to $26,741. That’s 53% of our goal.

UPDATE – Week 3 – 17 Additional gifts were received this past week bringing our participation to 146, and our contributions/pledges to $ 30,956. We now stand at 62% of our goal. If you have not made a pledge yet, please consider doing so. Even the smallest amount will help to reach our parish goal. What we can accomplish together is so important for the works of the Diocese. Thank you for your generous response!

UPDATE – Week 4 – 151 families have now responded with a gift or pledge. We are so grateful that you have made this act of generosity through St. Augustine’s Church. Our Gifts as of Tuesday, the 30th of May totaled $31,631. We now stand at 63% of our goal for this year. Envelopes are still in place in church and are available in the Rectory for all who are considering!  We are still a ways off from our fair share goal!  Thank you to all those who have responded.

UPDATE – We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded our Bishop’s Appeal goal of $50,605 for this year. As of June 13th, 159 families have responded with
gifts / pledges amounting to $52,386. This includes gifts sent directly to the diocese. We wish to thank everyone, who through their wholehearted generosity enabled us to achieve this goal. If you are still thinking about making a gift, but have not yet acted, please remember that the opportunity is ongoing. Fifty percent of the overage of our assessment comes back to the parish. Envelopes are available in the church or in the rectory or you can make a gift online.

If you never participated or are considering what to offer, may we urge you to stand with St. Augustine’s this year.  You may use your enveloped marked The Bishop’s Appeal and drop it in the basket at one of the Masses.

Other options to donate include the myparish app for your smartphone.  Just download the app and login to St. Augustine’s Church and then choose the giving option or  Donate to Bishops Appeal Online and choose St. Augustine’s Parish so you can be added to the other donations made in our parishes name.



“The Bishop’s Appeal of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany was envisioned 62 years ago by the Most Reverend William A. Scully, Bishop of Albany to financially support the growing services and ministries of the Church.

Ever since, thousands of people across the fourteen counties of our diocese have come together each year to generously empower their parish’s contribution to support the work of the Church to help those in need and to keep our Catholic faith alive and flourishing in our homes, schools and communities.

Today while the main mission of the Bishop’s Appeal remains the same, the need is greater than ever, to financially empower the Church to serve all the people of God, regardless of belief.

Among those who benefit from your gifts to the Bishop’s Appeal include:

  • People who are poor, homeless, living at the margins of society
  • Senior citizens needing care, companionship, love and dignity
  • Young people in Catholic schools and religious education programs
  • Families wracked by poverty, domestic violence and substance abuse
  • Young single mothers who need help raising their children and finding a job
  • Men and women called to a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life
  • Those seeking to serve in the diaconate or as lay ministers

The Bishop’s Appeal also serves your local parish by providing services such as technical support, financial guidance, and training for parish ministry.

A parish may keep 50% of any amount raised above and beyond its appeal goal.

A dollar back in 1955 is worth $8.46 today.  The cost of building the Kingdom of God has grown proportionately over the decades. Every gift to the Bishop’s Appeal no matter the amount makes a difference in the lives of others.”

excerpt taken from the Bishop’s Appeal website.

For more information go to the website

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